5 Reasons You Do Not Need A Real Estate Agent

No Agent Needed

Real Estate Agent stands in the foreground with a red circle and a line thru it as a company stands in the background behind a fore sale sign.


1) Commission rates in the United States are 5-7% of the sale price which is 3 times higher than other developed countries


2) Most agents simply place your listing in the MLS and sit back and wait for other agents to bring buyers


3) MLS listings start your marketing time (MT).  With each additional day of marketing time you lose negotiation strength and any leverage you have in receiving a high priced offer.  This marketing time is permanently attached to your property and cannot be erased


4)  You can now market your home like a pro with FSBO specialty websites such as Soldbyhomeowner.com and pay no commissions.  This type of listing will not start your marketing time and can be modified at any time since you are in charge


5)  You are the expert on your property and the agent is simply a sales person


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Thomas J Witt has +25 years in the real estate industry as a real estate broker, managing agent, developer, appraiser and now as an entrepreneur.


*Information provided within are based on past successful experiences and the author recommends consulting a reputable licensed real estate attorney with any questions